Thursday, December 11, 2014

Experimenting with wire wrapping - A bohemian necklace !

Bohemian Necklace
Of late , I am in a mood to experiment with different wire work techniques and this is another one of my projects   . It was fun practicing making those tiny little drops and believe me there were many in this necklace !  (and as my son rightly pointed out , lot  practice would make me perfect ! ) . Then came the wired resin beads and finally assembling the links . Was planning to leave it as a simple chain but realized that the bunch of drops would not lie properly if I did so , and I had to add a pendant .

copper wire jewelry

wire work copper

 The pendant was a little difficult for me as I was not able to manipulate the shape easily , ( it was first time for me after all ) but  the frame turned out well in the end . I embellished it with a coral color glass bead and added the drops at the base to give it an ethnic look to go with the necklace .

copper wire work pendant

 So this is how I made this piece . But I wonder , do you design the link chain first and then move on to the pendant or vice versa ? Would love to hear from you about how you found this piece , and do drop by for I have another exciting project waiting to be showcased .....


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