Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Deep inside the sea grows my garden ! ........ A crochet necklace


There is nothing more delightful than immersing myself in what interests me the most   . Making something new to wear .But the  unbearable heat and the frequent power cuts seems to have dried up my ability to do any beading . Sitting over the table , eyes bent and sweating ,beading  in this terrible heat  , is the last thing I want to do right now . So in order to keep my hands busy,  I thought of  trying something different , like  crochet . The ease with which I can work  and the lightness of yarn ( no difficult stuff to make me sweat ) is what prompted me to use this technique for my project .

    Since I am drawn to the cool water at this time , my inspiration has been the cool waters of the sea and my imagination took me to the depths of the ocean  filled with the wonders of the underwater world. And a beautifully blooming garden in the depths of the ocean  !!

corals , leaves, crocheted necklace, inspired by the sea

 The project has been a very quick one , for it has taken lesser time than I thought it would . I had not forgotten my crochet skills after all and once I started , my needle just flew . The corals  turned out better than I thought , and I loved making them so much that I plan to make another necklace just with these crocheted corals .

beach crochet , foliage crocheted , statement necklace in crochethttp://kalaabhushan.blogspot.in/

So how did you find this necklace ? Do drop in a line for I shall be waiting to hear from you

Till next time then ,

happily crocheting for now


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