Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Trendy Traditionals

Been away for a long while now. Thought I would share my latest project , a first time order to create patterns based on Indian textiles for a dear friend.
 I was a bit of a challenge since I don`t have a software to create designs, every motif was manually charted, but I and Mom( she`s an avid beader too ! ) finally finished the project.and here`s the outcome...

Completed the last of the borders designed on a special request , all vibrant and colorful, based on the traditional motifs of India. What a lovely journey it has been.!

How did you find this? Do drop in your comments. I would love hearing from you.

Till next time, when I`m back with more of my beadwork


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Bead Peeps Swap N Hop 2017

It`s time again for yet another Swap N Hop from Bead Peeps, and my third time participation .
I can`t even begin to tell you how excited  I was for this. 
My partner this time is   Rebecca White , a lovely talented beader from Florida. She sent me such gorgeous beads ,that I absolutely love. Here`s what she sent


The combination of turquoise and red being my favorite, it was difficult to decide what to make first. So I started with this simple lovely tassel necklace.  A beaded bead in bright red, highlights the the focal bead sent by Rebecca


 The next necklace I made uses Howlite drops with royal blue seed beads from my stash.  The cotton yarn closure adds a tribal look to this beautiful necklace.I love this necklace as it matches with a lot of sari`s I have.


Another necklace I have created uses gorgeous Superduo`s sent by Rebecca. I had this brass wire component for a few years in my stash, and the shade matches so well with the pendant I have made.


 Another favourite of mine is this lovely blue and red necklace, using faceted blue beads sent by Rebecca . German silver links with beaded bead drops compliment the focal Tibetan bead pendant.

And lastly  made this bead embellished  bangle. Red and blue seed beads interwoven uaing peyote stitch create a decorative look on a simple acrylic bangle.

beaded bangles, boho chic, tribal bling

It has been a fun filled time and a lot of  learning along the way, and I thank Rebecca for sending me such a lovely stash.
Hope you liked my creations. Here`s a list of other participants of the swap. Do drop by to see what everyone has made

Linda Anderson - Hostess -  
Non-Seed Beaders 
Linda Anderson    http://fromTheBeadBoard.blogspot.com
Christina Hickman http://www.vintagetreasuresjewelry.blogspot.com
Catherine LaVite http://drygulchbeadsandjewelry.blogspot.com/
Barbara Price    http://www.instagram.com/colorcopiajewelrydesigns/
Kathy Lindemer  https://bay-moon-design.blogspot.com/
Linda Raggo  http://www.instagram.com/linda_raggo_
Marianne Baxter  http://simplyseablimejewelry.blogspot.com
Rachelle Walker  http://www.chellerydesigns.net/blog
Gloria Allen  http://wingsandbeads.blogspot.com
Ally Asato  https://instagram.com/purplemosspal
Robin Lynne Showstack http://heartsdesiresjewelryforyou.blogspot.com/
Naomi Knafla     https://www.instagram.com/naomiknafla/
Maria Rosa Sharrow http://willowstreetshops.blogspot.com
Dana Phillips    http://www.neverwinterdesigns.blogspot.com
Michelle McCarthy http://www.fireflydesignstudio.blogspot.com
Beth Blanc       https://www.instagram.com/beth.blanc.designs.jewelry/
Hope Smitherman  http://CraftyHope.com
Kari Asbury     https://www.instagram.com/kariasburyjewelry/
Shai Williams   http://www.shaihasramblings.com/
Betony Maiden   http://beadwenches.blogspot.com
Inge van Roos     http://ingetraud.wordpress.com
Kelly Hosford Patterson https://www.instagram.com/pyxeestyx/
Kristina Peck  http://tealeavesandtinyhats.blogspot.com/
Lori Schneider  http://beadaddicted.blogspot.com
Rosantia Petkova    http://bairozan.blogspot.bg/
Erika Price      http://erikaprice.co.uk 
Claire Fabian  http://saraccino.blogspot.de/
Rachel Mallis  http://www.sharpthingsblog.com
Deb Fortin     http://mhotistudio.blogspot.ca
Nicole Rennell   http://nicolerennell.com
Joanne Bell  https://joannetinks.wordpress.com/
Johana Nunez  http://www.artincendi.com
Sam Waghorn      http://palemooncreation.blogspot.co.uk
Natalie Davidson http://www.northshoredays.com/
Robin Reed     http://www.willowdragon.blogspot.com
Faye Wolfenden  http://torchfairy.blogspot.com
Karin King  http://maverickbeads.blogspot.ca
Divya      http://www.jewelsofsayuri.com
Rebecca White  http://morganafeycreations.wordpress.com
Palak Udeshi  http://kalaabhushan.blogspot.in
Seed Beaders 
Rebecca White  http://morganafeycreations.wordpress.com
Palak Udeshi  http://kalaabhushan.blogspot.in
Penny Houghton  http://smellynelly.blogspot.com.au
Krafty Max     http://www.kraftymax.net/blogposts/
Heather Canepa  http://www.desertjewelrydesigns.com
Ginger Bishop  http://lilmummylikes.blogspot.com
Katy Heider      http://onthepondcreations.blogspot.com/
Renetha Stanziano http://lamplightcrafts.blogspot.com/
Becky Pancake  http://beckypancakebeaddesigns.blogspot.com/
Tina Pawass  https://freebirdsinnovations.blogspot.com
Mowse Doyle  http://www.midnight-leopard.com/
Tami Norris  https://www.instagram.com/taminorris79/
Minnette Miller    https://www.instagram.com/minnettemiller/
Veralynne Malone http://www.veradesigns.blogspot.com

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