Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Intricate lacy bracelet

Lacy beaded bracelet

      Yet another bracelet added to my collection !  I had been wanting to make new patterns for those lovely berry shaped glass beads from my visit to Hyderabad  .

berry shaped beads
                                                    This one is the first pattern I made ,

The purple grape colored beads were easier to use as they are more opaque and solid in color.( which I have posted in the previous post )

Seed bead projects

But these green ones turned out to be a little difficult as they are transparent. The thread was showing up and compared to the opaque ones, a closely woven pattern hide the beauty of these beads.
 So deciding to go for a more lacy structure this time , I have made this bracelet  using vivid red, green and cream seed beads , with green glass berry shape beads,and  a solid German silver closure.
 I think , the closure adds a contemporary look  to an otherwise Victorian looking bracelet
So what do you think?

Till we meet again, Happy beading !


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Beautiful Beaded Bracelets!

handcrafted by motidana

           It`s been a busy time at the studio, making bracelets! A preview from the first lot , here are two intricately bead woven bracelets with the center being same. Look how we came up with two variations in the same beads.....

Art in beads and threads and more
Indian glass beads
It was trial and error and lots of reworking before these came up to my satisfaction , but finally these two have turned out good I think.
So what do you think about this? And which one would you pick?

ciao for now, it`s back to beading another one


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