Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shimmering Shisha Necklace- my latest project

Hot and Lazy summer has gone by , giving way to light Monsoon.  Dust coated trees parched for water , after the dry weather , are begining to look fresh , clean and green . There is an air of  peaceful calm before the heavy downpour of the South west monsoon starts here in India.
  My latest project , inspired by this weather of sunshine and drizzling rain is now complete. Choosing the best color co-ordinator , Mother Nature herself , I have taken the greens of the freshly washed trees and liquid sunshine , filtering through them as my color palette .

statement necklace , embroidered jewellery , Shisha embroidery

  Silk fabric strips left over from my sewing stash , mirrors or shisha and embroidery yarns , along with beautiful woven trimmings and beads completed my materials list

     Here`s a small description of how I created this piece

  mirror work embroidery
         I embroidered and embellished shisha medallion . ( you can read about the embroidery here)  The chain stitch outline is for folding the fabric and it also makes it easy to crochet the edging ( something that only struck me after I worked on  the first medallion shown below .

 mirror work embroidery

Shisha embroidery , embroidered medallion, Indian embroidery

After embroidering the three medallions , I crocheted the edges to add a finished look using different patterns

unique jewelry, Indian embroidery, mirror work embroidery

Crocheting the back piece I assembled the embroidered medallions and aded the smaller flowers to fill the gaps .

    Stringing the beads , was a breeze................  and the necklace is now ready to wear!

  What do you think ? Is it a unique piece using traditional embroidery technique like mirrorwork combined with crochet ?  Do you think it will draw attention and make a  statement with a combination of the bold bling factor and traditional indian embroidery ?

ciao for now !



  1. Thanks Zooni for looking and commenting !

  2. Wow...indeed a bold and stunning piece. I am blown away by the amount of work that you did in it

    1. Thanks Divya . I`m always torn between dividing my time between embroidery and jewellery making ,and ,creating this necklace gave me the perfect solution in doing both !

  3. OMG, you have embroidered and then made the necklace! Kudos!

  4. another delightful piece and so interesting reading how you made it. Hope the monsoon is not too wet

    1. Thanks Margaret , it was fun making this necklace . It is`nt very wet as we now have only showers , but when it pours , there`s no power and so it`s a difficult time here .

  5. Really Amazing!!First time I've seen a necklace with embroidery and crocheting embellished with beads.

  6. I love the idea of embroidered jewellery and this one is amazing ! Keep up the good work dear !


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